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Here it is another rousing round of sculptors I've been following from the previous year, 2016.
These batch of sculptors are no slouches and I swear some have some magic touch when it comes to clay.  So please, check out their galleries, there is some genuinely wonderful stuff in them & maybe you'll become a fan. 

Oh and if you haven't, be sure to check the previous journal here for the first ten wonderful sculptors I wrote about.
On with the show!

Marble Pie Sculpture by ELJOEYDESIGNS

:iconeljoeydesigns: - First up to bat is ELJOEYDESIGNS who does a variety of craft works including customs, papercraft, & a metric ton of anime. But tucked away in his library of a gallery I saw this little cutie Marble Pie and couldn't help myself. The body is well crafted and the eyes n' details cleanly painted. More impressive is they used air dry clay for most of it that stuff's a b****h to work with!
Its a great  first foray into sculpting and I can't wait to see more. There's also a more recent AJ in there that you should check out as well~   


Scootaloo and her scooter by daisymane
:icondaisymane: - daisymane has a wonderfully keen mind that simply can't be contained with simply sculpting. Their efforts to combine a variety of props to elevate their craft & love to 'ponify-all-the-things' screams imagination while we reap the benefits of it. But seriously, I do enjoy the Derpy shoes, the above bike, the Fluttershy fishing rod(!), the Wonderbolt Spitfire, on top of the wonderful gallery of sculptures with clothing & backgrounds... the list goes on and on. 
If you like the above you should just go check it out yourself. Its really something. There's a Pinkie driving a mecha. A Mecha!!


Princess Twilight Sparkle 2016 Auction by VIIStar
:iconviistar: - It's %@!*&! VIIStar!! Nuff said


Midnight Sparkle Sculpture by RSharpArt
:iconrsharpart: - This was an interesting artist to include because the artist put out a ton of sculptures going into the first 3-4 months of 2016, then silence. Maybe its only on a passing wind that you'll see them sculpt but they do put out a lot when they do. In particular I enjoyed the flying ponies they're very expressive and I'd like to see them in person if I ever get the chance. Oh hey! A Ponified Midnight Sparkle sculpture! :D 


Filly Pinkie Pie (left, front view) by DeadHeartMare
:icondeadheartmare: - Oh goodness me. I don't think my heart can take it. That smile is nothing short of infectious & ought to be quarantined to my desk so that I may gaze onto its smiling figure to brighten my day. 
DeadHeartMare has been kicking around for quiet some time now (almost as long as I have!) and with every sculpture I've always felt a distinct sense of heart put into each sculpture. That there is a love & enjoyment for the craft embodied into it.
That is something you see in a lot of great sculptors & a lot of the sculptors on this list. Deadheartmare pulls it off in spades. 


Rarity Detective WIP by AplexPony
:iconaplexpony: - Okay Hold on.... HNNNNNNNNGGH~~ So Cuuuute~!
So there are a couple of artists on this list (and the previous) that I would give anything to have a sculpture on my desk; AplexPony is one said artists. The absolute polish of the sculpting to the crispness of the paint job, it just speaks to how much effort and creativity went into each work. Each of the artist's passion projects (of which there are a few) have become more and more elaborate as time has gone on to include props, accessories, clothing, elaborate bases and dioramas, such as the above. Its fabulous & inspiring to see their works applied to EqG & non-pony which will, no doubt, be just as sharp as their previous works. 


Twilight and Moon Dancer by fromamida
:iconfromamida: - Be forewarned! fromamida's gallery is quiet suggestive! (If you are sensitive, please beware)
fromamida is an interesting inclusion on this list as they deal in resin cast sculpting which is a technical skill and rarely seen to the degree they use it. If you're unfamiliar with resin cast sculpting, each sculpture is sculpted fully then broken down into pieces for casting then cast & assembled back together like a model kit for painting and detailing. 
That is a lot of work for something that will only be cast a few times or so. 
Its honestly one of the cleanest & technically savvy sculptors I've seen doing resin cast ponies. If you are at all interested, take a look at their Instagram for more insight into the complexity of resin cast sculpting. Its quite a journey.


Flutterbat Vants to Suck Your Juice by PrototypeSpaceMonkey
:iconprototypespacemonkey: - PrototypeSpaceMonkey uses a type a type of Air dry clay that is quite hard to work with (compared with polymerclay) but the result the artist gets is nothing short of fabulous. The dedication to detail and sharply defined shapes speaks volumes of the craftsmanship of each sculpture. As well the tiny details like the spittle in the above sculpture goes so long in giving personality to the work. Its a wonderful treat~!


Applejack: Apples for Sale! by CadmiumCrab
:iconcadmiumcrab: - Good ol' CadmiumCrab still plugging away at making sculptures by the boat load. You could almost swear she has a resin casting kit stowed away with how many she makes. Though I have to remind her to keep posting pictures of them. She always forgets! 


Black Death by RetardedDogProductns
:iconretardeddogproductns: - If you look not too far into RetardedDogProductns's gallery you'll find the pony in there. While very respectable in their own right, they're not THIS. He has found his niche and by god is it gorgeous. The eldritch horrors that come from this man's finger tips likely belong in a game titled Bloodborne as they are abhorrently repugnant & equal parts fascinating. Even the simple titles of his pieces are poignant; encasing the sin & chaos the sculpture embodies. It has seriously been a treat to watch this artist's style evolve over the years and is the best it has ever been.


Celestia Mermaid by aachi-chan

:iconaachi-chan: - aachi-chan has gone into different types of projects in the past year (like 3D printing) but their heart & soul show no better than in their sculptures like the one above. With incredible grace and elegance, each sculpture is detailed to be displayed in a case or snowglobe of some kind. As you might imagine they are just as technically savvy, able to produce glossy and clean sculptures with a ton of effects like the translucent wings above. They've also been recently getting into Pokemon and apply wonderful skills to that. Go check them out~


Royal Hugs by AlexCroft1991
:iconalexcroft1991: - Anchoring off this list is AlexCroft1991. I use the term anchoring because this artist is part my inspiration for creating this list; to talk about works like this to everyone else.
In my own works, I've tried to make every work unique and interesting in its own right, but AlexCroft1991, He swings for the fences and boy does he get a Homerun almost Every. Single. Time. Every sculpture has a unique flair to it, adding some kind of technique or gimmick that's either expanded upon in their next work but rarely repeated wholesale. 
And by gods look at that Celestia & Luna! Its absolutely adorable!!!
You can definitely bet AlexCroft1991 is another artist on the list I'd give anything to have a sculpture of on my desk. 

Princesses by AlexCroft1991

So that's it! That's the list as it stands~ Twenty two sculptors to check out & follow~ It has been without a doubt a fabulous time watching, following, & discovering these sculptors throughout the years & can't wait to find yet another intrepid sculptor to take the reins and create their own vision of ponies.

If you are one said sculptor that in my own myopic age missed, feel free to leave a link in the comments below, I'll be sure to check you out & who knows? maybe you'll make this list in the future.

Till then always Happy sculpting!

For more sculptures & sculptors alike check out :iconponysculptors: 
We're always looking for more submissions and interested artists!
Also there's the 4th Anniversary Giveaway going on right now till the end of the month (which is soon!) So be sure to enter~~


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